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Cola is a consumable that restores 25 adrenaline, added in the v0.4.0 "Supplies received" update on June 17th, 2023. They spawn uncommonly around the map. To use Cola, either click on the icon in your inventory or press 7 on your keyboard. Cola takes 3 seconds to use.


Cola is a type of carbonated drink typically flavored with citrus oils, vanilla, and other flavorings. They usually have a large amount of sugar and some have caffeine as well.



  • The speed boost for adrenaline is linear, so if you have a lot of Colas and Tablets, make sure to use them to get the maximum speed boost possible.
  • The health regeneration, however, is not linear. Make sure to keep your adrenaline above 50 to take advantage of it.
  • You might be able to "bait" your opponent into attacking by pretending to use a Cola, even though you don't need it.
  • Make sure you are in a safe and/or easily defensible location when using Cola, as the slowdown makes you vulnerable.
    • If someone starts attacking you, cancel the Cola and start fighting the (default keybind is X).
  • If you only have 1 or 2 Colas, it may be worth saving them until you can find another Cola or a Tablet, as then you can get the full health boost.
  • Colas are better used to "top off" your adrenaline bar, whereas Tablets are more efficient at actually filling up the bar.


  • If you see someone out in the open with adrenaline particles, you can quickly attack them. This might take them off guard and take off a large chunk of their health.
    • Just because someone is using adrenaline does not mean they have low health, as with Gauze and Medikits.


Cola is most readily obtained by breaking toilets in buildings, as well as the Porta-Potty. However, the best way to get Cola is to break the fridge, which always drops 2-3 Cola. Cola can also be found in crates and even world loot.


  • The caffeine in Colas may help the Surian run faster and regenerate health


  • v0.8.0
    • Adrenaline now does not follow a flat linear rate for healing. Previously, regeneration was calculated by multiplying the adrenaline number by 0.00039. This gave a max regeneration rate of 1.2987 health/second. Now:
      • Above 87.5 adrenaline now heals 2.75 health/second
      • Above 50 adrenaline now heals 2.125 health/second
      • Above 25 adrenaline now heals 1.125 health/second
      • Above 0 adrenaline now heals 0.625 health/second
  • v0.5.0
    • Cola can now be added to a Player's inventory
  • v0.4.0
    • Added

25% Adrenaline
Use Time
Healing Per Second


Basic Pack
Regular Pack
Tactical Pack



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