Writing Articles

First of all, thanks for helping out with the documentation! Since this wiki is community-run, we need all the help we can get. Since this wiki is a custom coded solution, creating articles is a bit different to what you might be used to over on Fandom.

Articles are written in MDX, an extension of the typical Markdown you may be used to.

Style Guide

When writing an article for an object in the game, please follow the layout below. If in doubt, consult an existing article (e.g., AK47).

Article Layout

General Pointers

  • Articles should be written in American English (e.g. color rather than colour)
  • We read your article submissions to check if they are high quality and relevant
    • We automatically spell check your submissions


See the MDX docs for a detailed overview of MDX. If you are new to Markdown, you can find a guide here.

Also, make sure to adhere to the following grammar rules:

  1. Use American English (e.g. color rather than colour) for all articles on the wiki.


There are a couple MDX/JSX tags you can use to make your articles more interactive. They are listed below for your reference.

<Event />

Shows a small banner at the top of the page like the one on the USAS-12 Article notifying readers that this item is only available in a specific event. See below:

Emote: happy_face
This article is about gameplay or items only available during certain Events.

<CommitLink sha="Git SHA Hash" />

Shows a link to a commit on the GitHub repo. Useful for linking to the commit that introduced a feature.

  • sha The SHA1 hash of the commit. Can be shortened to 7 characters.

<TimeLink time={Unix Milliseconds} />

Shows a link to a specific time. Adjusts to the user's timezone. Clicking on it copies the ISO 8601 timestamp to the clipboard, and hovering shows it. See below:

Nov 13, 2023, 9:43:52 AM
  • time Unix milliseconds, UTC of course

<RemovedItem />

Shows a small banner at the top of the page notifying readers the item has been removed from the game. See below:

Emote: headshot
This article is about gameplay or items that have been removed in the latest update


Shows a small banner at the top of the page notifying readers the item is a developer weapon and unobtainable. See below:

Emote: bleh
This article is about a developer weapon. It is not usually obtainable.

<SuroiItemImage itemID="item idString" width="optional" height="optional" rotation="optional" variation="optional" append="optional" dual="optional" />

A item image from the game. Requires the item idString.


  • width: width in px
  • height: height in px
  • rotation: rotation in degrees
  • variation: for sprites with variations, a number
  • append: for sprites that have suffixes like "_world" at the end of their sprite file name
  • dual: for dual guns only
Death Ray

<Gallery images={[array of GalleryImage]}/>

A gallery of images.

This is a bit more complicated to use, as it involves Javascript objects

We use an array of GalleryImages, as seen in src/lib/types.ts,

<Gallery images={[GalleryImages]} />

This is the code for the gallery example above,

      url: "/img/suroi.svg",
      author: "John Doe",
      caption: "Suroi Logo",
      url: "/img/logo.svg",
      author: "Jane Doe",
      caption: "Suroi Wiki Logo",
      type: "youtube",
      url: "67Rs86gc1Ds",
      author: "Jon Doe",
      caption: "Suroi Menu Music",