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The Refinery is a large structure added in the v0.10.0 "Back with a Bang" update on September 14th, 2023. It contains a large amount of loot as well as an excellent location to find the MCX Spear - but can be dangerous.

Location & Spawning

The Refinery attempts to spawn once per map, anywhere on the map.


Loading Areas

The Loading Areas are located in the corners of the Refinery. Both have two Regular Crates and an Oil Tank, but one of them also has an AEGIS Crate surrounded by Barrels.

Storage Area

The Storage Area contains some AEGIS Crates, Regular Crates, and two Large Refinery Barrels. - Each Large Refinery Barrel has 3500 health, but only one has to be broken to destroy the other due to the large explosion.


The actual Refinery building contains some tanks and equipment for refining oil, as well as some Regular Crates. Some of these, like the Small Refinery Barrel, are explodable.


The Office, located towards the back of the Refinery, contains a wall mount and a Table with a Chair. - The wall mount spawns with a MCX Spear normally but also has a 1/100 chance to spawn a Stoner 63 instead. - You can hide under the Table to ambush players.


  • If you're careful, you can loot the AEGIS Crate in one of the Loading Areas without blowing yourself up. Alternate between punching two Barrels until you can slip through. Watch out for other players who could try and blow them up, however.
  • You can hide under the table in the Office to ambush players.
    • Likewise, be wary of players camping under the Table.
  • If a player is trying to blow up the Large Refinery Barrels, it is best to get out of the area quickly, as they will kill everyone nearby.
  • Be careful of the entrances into the Refinery building, as it is often hard to tell if another player is inside.
  • The Small Refinery Barrel can be a good way to kill an opponent hiding inside the Refinery and catch them off guard.
  • If you're the first player there, either go for the MCX Spear in the Office or the AEGIS Crates in the Storage Area so you can be geared up.
  • Exercise caution around the barrels in the hallway of the Refinery, as opponents will try and explode them to kill you.


  • The Refinery was designed by platonthek


  • v0.13.0
    • The Stoner 63 now has a 1/100 chance of replacing the MCX Spear in the Office
  • v0.10.0
    • Added