Frag Grenade

The Frag Grenade is an explosive Throwable added in the v0.15.0 "Pulling the Pin" update on January 14th, 2024. It can deal high damage, but has an extremely limited inventory capacity and can be risky to use as explosions can deal high damage to the user if the user isn't skilled.



  • Frag Grenades deal lots of damage and can be used to damage or kill an enemy that is in an area where they can't be shot at, such as behind cover.
  • Hold down the fire button to start cooking the grenade. To throw it, put your mouse cursor over to the target and release the fire button. All throwables go to where the mouse cursor is to a limited range.
    • Don't cook the grenade for too long (see fuse time), as the grenade can explode in your hands.
  • A strategy known as "grenade spamming" is effective during the late game where the safe zone is very small and limiting.
    • To do this, cover most of the safe zones with Grenades by rapidly spamming them.
    • This will force your opponents out of cover into the zone where you can finish them off using a long-ranged weapon.
    • Grenade spamming can also be used to make a quick escape from a fight since it stops opponents from following you.
  • You can use the explosive power of the Grenade to launch other grenades, which can be used to damage opponents.
    • This also works on loot. Launching loot out of reach of your opponents can be effective in the end game.
    • However, make sure to stand back as the grenades can be launched by each other, possibly in your direction depending on the order of the explosions.

Grenade Boosting (WIP)

This is a special technique that abuses the behavior of frag grenades pushing other frag grenades. It involves throwing two or more grenades next to each other to get more range than the normal maximum throw distance. (Discovered by Lava and Kenos)

  • The easy way: more consistent, but requires planning

    • While not moving both the player and mouse, throw two or more grenades near you, and then move out to avoid the explosion.
    • Each grenade will boost each other consistently.
    • Point in the opposite direction you want to aim.
  • The fast way: less consistent, but is more dangerous as your opponent has less time to react

    • Cook a grenade for (0-2 seconds, longer cook time = more range), and throw it at 2.4 game grids range (about less than max throwing range).
    • Immediately after the first grenade, throw another in the same direction with a slightly longer throw distance.
    • The first grenade will explode and boost the second.
    • Point in the direction you want to aim at.
  • Disadvantages

    • There is a large risk factor to grenade boosting, as interference from obstacles (ie. trees) and other explosions (ie. enemy frag grenades) can make grenade boosting inconsistent and may boost a grenade back to you, exploding you.
    • Grenade boosts are well telegraphed and can be easily predicted, you can only really use this with scope advantage
    • It can waste a lot of frags.


  • Move away from the grenade to avoid as much damage as possible.
    • This is usually not a challenge but can be if you are in an enclosed space or your opponent times their grenade well.
  • If your opponent utilizes "grenade spamming", you can try to rush forward and out-DPS them at close range using a weapon such as the Flues.


Frag Grenades can sometimes be obtained from Regular Crates, but are much more often dropped from Grenade Crates.


  • The Frag Grenade is based on the real-life M67 grenade used by the U.S. military


  • v0.15.0
    • Added

Frag Grenade

Image of throwable
Speed Multiplier
Cook Speed Multiplier
Fire Delay
250 ms
Maximum Throwing Distance
Impact Damage
Obstacle Impact Damage
Fuse Time
4000 ms
Cook Time
150 ms
Throw Time
150 ms


Explosion Name
Frag Grenade
Internal ID
Shrapnel Count
Minimum Radius
Maximum Radius
Shrapnel Damage
Shrapnel Speed
Shrapnel Range

Advanced Statistics

Internal ID

Frag Grenade