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The Cargo Ship is a sub-building of the Port. It was added in the v0.11.0 "Making Waves" update on October 22nd, 2023. It features a cargo area, control room, and a secret vault, and is the home of the Tango 51.

Location & Spawning

The Cargo Ship can be found spawning offshore of the Port on the edge of the map in 50% of games.


Cargo Area

The Cargo Area of the Cargo Ship, located in the center, has many Containers. You can use these for cover and to get some quick loot.

Control Room

Located towards the stern of the Cargo Ship, the Control Room doesn't contain much loot, and it has some explosive panels near the windows. However, it does contain the very important Gas Can.


The Vault, located in the bow of the Cargo Ship, is the most valuable area of the Cargo Ship. It contains a secret room with a Tango 51 Crate inside. To get past the Vault Door, you need to solve the puzzle.

Warning! This is a spoiler for: Ship puzzle solution

To solve the puzzle, grab the Gas Can from the Control Room. Then, walk to the front of the ship and go to the generator. Use the Gas Can to activate the generator and the door to the Vault will open.

If you don't want to use the Tango 51(s) inside the vault, you can take the Gas Can and leave. That way, no other players will be able to unlock the vault unless they kill you.


  • You can walk on the sides of the Cargo Ship (you don't need to go through the Control Room to get to the back).
  • Get a decent gun as soon as you can before entering the Cargo Ship, so you can defend yourself.
    • If you're the first one there, you may be able to unlock the Vault before anyone gets there.


  • Despite clearly having stairs into the Control Room, the stairs don't lead to another layer
    • The Control Room is treated as an indoor area on the map, similar to Small Houses


  • v0.15.0
    • There is no longer a 50% chance for the Tango Crate to be replaced with an AEGIS crate
  • v0.14.0
    • Fixed a bug that allowed players to see into the Vault without opening the door
  • v0.12.0
    • There is now a 50% chance for the Tango Crate to be replaced with an AEGIS crate
  • v0.11.0
    • Added